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In September 2011 local riders in the Polgooth area came together with the idea of forming a group. It was felt that cyclists and walkers have a good network and exchange information thus raising awareness of issues that affect them. The horse riding fraternity seemed to have little access to local information.

We found that local people often ride alone or in specific groups such as livery or shared grazing. There was no structured system to pass on information or a platform to raise awareness of equine needs, problems or in fact any way of passing on positive news.

Polgooth and District Bridleways Group (PDBG) are contacted by using email only. Meetings are held bi-monthly during the autumn, winter and spring months. Our co-ordinator passes on local information and updates on anything reported in the area and arranges meetings.

The group functions on the basis of all are welcome. Everyone has their own commitments so some will inevitably give more time/small financial commitment that others. This group has raised awareness of specific issues in the area and tried to find solutions.

It is a great communication system and well supported.

Our objectives are:

To share information on bridleway conditions. Improving safety and exchanging experiences.

Have a simple way to report problems such as fallen trees/blockage of bridleways etc

To be part of a group that shares information particularly incidents or situations that could be dangerous to other horses or riders, identifying trends

To meet new riding friends

Since September 2011 there has been significant support, with riders attending meetings offering help and ideas as to how riding can be improved in their locality.

We managed to get separate groups together to clear out two paths, one being totally impassable. Over two weekends separate groups and their partners and friends helped to regain access to tracks we could not have ridden before.

If you want to join or improve the riding in your immediate area please do contact us.

click here for news, meeting dates and other information