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Problems on Bridleways 


Many of our bridleways are in very poor condition. This can be safety hazard to riders and horses and it forces more riders onto the roads. We are working hard to get thinks improved but we do need your help. Nothing has a better effect on the politicians who control the purse strings than complaints from their electorate.

The Cornwall Council has ultimate responsibilty for the bridleways (and footpaths) and your safety on them. It generally delegates the seasonal care of the paths to the parish councils via the Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP). The CC gives the parishes funding (which is far too low in practice) for clearing the paths. The job done often depends upon the diligence of the parish and the effiicency and enthusiasm of their contractor. Sometimes we find bridleways are cleared to FP standard at best. They should be cleared to 2.5 metres wide and 3.5 metres high but legally it is the landowner who is reponsible for side growth. The Cornwall Council is only repsonsib;e for the path's surface.

In fairness the budgets are not really adequate especially if the paths have been allowed to get into disrepair. The situation is likely to get worses in view of the continuing budget cuts.

Please do report the condition of your bridleways to ourselves via our Bridleway Reports page. BUT please also complain to your parish council and also to the County Council.


Contact your Parish Council in the first instance.
It is important that your local parish council is aware that riders do rely on using use the bridleways). A list of parish council contacts may be found via the Cornwall Council web site. http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=22301

If you are not satisfied with the response please contact the County Council

IF BLOCKED: Report it to Cornwall Council Email: accessteam@cornwall.gov.uk


Report it to Cornwall Council  Email: accessteam@cornwall.gov.uk

 It is most important that all problems are reported
  • Safety issues should be addressed quickly
  • Although many issues have been addressed over the past four years by the Public Paths Improvement Programme, many still remain.
  • The more you report, Cornwall Council will be made further aware of the difficulties faced by riders

Please also report problems and or the Council's response to the BHS County Access Officers.

email: bhsaccesscornwall@btinternet.com, or via Bridleway Reports